Tips for using a trail camera

Tips for using a trail camera



Is it your first time using a trail camera? We all want to capture the perfect pose and angle of the animal that we are trying to stalk using a trail camera. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind to have better results using your trail camera:


Update the firmware before using it

Make sure that your firmware is already updated before you can use the camera. You just have to ask the company to update your firmware so that you will be able to avoid potential issues that might occur when you are using the camera.


Hide your camera

You have to accept the fact that a trail camera is always at risk of being stolen because you will be leaving it for hours in the forest. There is nothing more frustrating that investing in a high-quality camera only to come back and found out that it had already been stolen by a thief. As much as possible, hide your camera and avoid obvious location. Hang it on a tree or mount it beneath the bush so that your camera won’t easily be spotted.


Get rid of obstructions

As much as possible remove obstructions from the camera even if you tend to hide it from the thieves. Check if there are leaves or twigs that are blocking the view of the camera. It can be quite tricky because you have to hide your camera, but you should make sure that there are not obstructions around to get better photos of animals that are wandering around. Do not also position a camera wherein the bear will come face to face with the device because you won’t be able to get good results. If you are looking for high-quality cameras, you may visit