Top Tips for Testing 12V Car Batteries

Top Tips for Testing 12V Car Batteries


Are you having problems with your car/truck battery? If you might want to conducts tests to figure out what’s wrong and how you can fix it. Here are some helpful tips to test your Power Genix Systems unit.


  1. Use the voltmeter properly

Set the meter to 20-Volt scale. Then connect the positive lead to the positive terminal, and connect the negative lead to the negative terminal. The reading must be around 12.7 volts. In the case the reading is under 12.4 volts, there’s a good chance the battery should be replaced.


  1. Charge/Disconnect before testing

Make sure that before you test your car/truck engine. Make sure to use the car battery charger to ensure that the battery is 100% charged before testing it. Uncharged batteries will produce lower readings than charged ones.


Then turn on the vehicle’s high beam headlines for a couple of minutes. It will help to remove the surface charge. You can remove charge that’s collected on the battery’s positive plates. This can affect the readings on the voltmeter. Finally, make sure that before you test the battery, you disconnect the battery leads.


  1. Use the hydrometer correctly

This is another important step to take. Squeeze the hydrometer’s rubber top, then put it into an electrolyte cell. Next, release the rubber top so you can use electrolyte to fill up the hydrometer. The reading should be 1.265. In the case that the reading is lower, it’s important to replace the cell. Then repeat the process for the rest of the cells.


  1. Check electrolyte levels

In the case, the battery can be impatience, use a screwdriver to remove the cell covers. Then fill up the electrolyte cells. The next step is to add distilled water until they’re full.


These are some of the top tips to test your Power Genix Systems.